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Recently, Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton spoke at Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network.  Sharpton’s organization represents the older civil rights establishment or “The Black vote.”

Earlier in Clinton’s campaign, she insulted the younger “Black Lives Matter” generation at a Black church when she innocently said, “All lives matter.”

This inclusive remark was condemned because it “white washed” the specific ill-treatment Blacks endured in a country founded on the principle of inalienable rights bestowed to all, some even said “All Lives matter” was a new racial slur.

Clinton’s remark was politically careless.  It deviated from a party strategy that treated minorities as interest groups with unique problems that required special attention from the federal government.   Under that plan inclusive phrases (like we’re all Americans) are divisive. They diminished the group and uplifted the individual.

Since Clinton’s display of “inclusive racism” her campaign rallies have been disrupted by protesters demanding apologies.  (Not for the “all lives matter” comment, but for past policies that disproportionately harmed Blacks.)

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