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The Pennsylvania Primary is Tuesday, April 26 and it’s critical that Blacks come out in large numbers to not only vote for President Barack Obama’s successor, but to vote out Pat Toomey in the U.S. Senate so that the GOP will not be able to undue everything President Obama has accomplished.

The GOP has once again totally overlooked the Black community so we should totally overlook them at the national level as well as the state.

At the top of the primary on the Democratic side are Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Both have expressed their commitment to issues affecting the Black community such as employment, under employment, education in urban schools, affordable health care, minimum wage as well as affordable housing to mention a few.

We commend Sanders for forcing a debate on the Democratic ticket, thus forcing Clinton to address issues such as affordable health care, education, unemployment, social security, billionaires buying elections and other issues important to the Progressive movement. Before Sanders, the voters only had the Conservative GOP, and the Moderate Clinton. Even though Clinton is well out front in delegates after winning most of the states thus far Sander’s issues will no doubt be part of the Democratic platform.

So far polls have been projecting Clinton to defeat either of the leading GOP candidates, Donald Trump, or Ted Cruz. We haven’t seen any projected polls of what Sanders would do against them. Both Democratic candidates have been about unifying the country, working toward diversity instead of the division of the GOP.

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