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TV anchorwoman Wendy Bell being fired by WTAE in Pittsburgh over comments that some have alleged as racist is an insult to any logically thinking person, regardless of their race.

Thus far I have not read in the media the race of the two men that killed several Black people. Unless the witnesses are not talking, they must have talked “some” to the cops since we know there were two male shooter, then the witnesses know what their races are.

The odds that the shooters were White or Asian are pretty slim based on FBI crime stats going back 30 years. Most murders are committed by people of the same race as the victims. People who commit murder this way, obviously premeditated and without regard for innocent bystanders, usually already have criminal records. As they say in the movie CASABLANCA “Round up the usual suspects” is on point for most murders.

It is my prediction that everything Ms. Bell surmised will turn out to be factually correct. It most likely will be found that the killers were targeting two or three specific people either over a criminal activity dispute – most likely drug dealing or it was over someone being a jilted lover.

Unfortunately, even if I am right Ms. Bell will still not be given her job back since political correctness trumps logic and facts. Hopefully the public will prove me wrong by pressuring WTAE to rehire her.

Commander Wayne L. Johnson, JAGC, Navy (Retired), Alexandria, VA

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