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Rev. Susan K. Smith

Rev. Susan K. Smith

(GEORGE CURRY MEDIA)—Why doesn’t God do something?

Not just about terrorism and the capacity of human beings to destroy each other, but why doesn’t God do something about the fact that it seems that only some lives matter when it comes to having compassion for those who suffer?

When the terrorists struck Boston, and all those people were injured and killed, there was an indignation, righteous indignation, that was justified. When terrorists hit Paris, there again was indignation and a surge of empathy and sympathy for the victims. Current GOP presidential candidates Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz have been on the warpath since the San Bernadino attacks, and now, since the attack in Brussels.

But on March 14, there was a terrorist attack in Ankara, Turkey, which resulted in the deaths of 37 people. Two Americans were among the dead who died in a terrorist attack in Istanbul, Turkey on March 19, and in January, Boko Haram attacked a village in Nigeria, killing at least 65 people, burning some of them alive. In April, 2014, a terrorist group killed 142 people in Kenya, mostly students.

Why don’t the tears of people of color, and the pain of the people of color, earn as much attention, care, concern and outrage as do the tears of White people?

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