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Happy belated Easter to everyone.

Just in case you don’t know what Easter is all about, on a Friday Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God, was put to death but on a Sunday he rose from the dead.

We call it Good Friday, and it was good for all people because he died for our sins, but it wasn’t so good for him because he was crucified, which is probably the most brutal way one can imagine to kill a person. He was beaten with a whip, then hung on a tree, some say cross, where they first tied his hands and feet to the tree then drove a nail through his hands and feet to keep him hanging until he bled to death.

Remember, the two men on each side of Jesus were the not murderers they were thieves. Wow they didn’t play around back then. What’s even worse, Jesus knew he was going to die, and he knew in what manner, yet when God asked he volunteered to go. Yes, he had some second thoughts but he did it and he allowed them to kill him for us, when he could have called on his Father and would not have had to suffer the pain. The Father would have lifted him out of the body or flesh and reunited him with him in heaven. But then we would not have been saved from our sins.

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