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*If folks are wondering why a lot of minorities– particularly in urban areas– do not trust or respect the police, the following story might give you a better understanding of what drives their negative perceptions of the boys in blue.

“Late in the afternoon on St. Patrick’s Day, Glen Grays, a 27-year-old African-American mail carrier, was making his rounds in Crown Heights, in Brooklyn, about to leave a package at 999 President Street. Mr. Grays prides himself on getting to know the community he serves, he told me on Wednesday. He figures out who is sick, or old, or enfeebled, and makes sure that their parcels, especially if they contain medication — “I can shake a box and usually figure that out,” he said — land directly at the doors of the people waiting for them, even if they live in fourth- or fifth-floor apartments, in walk-up buildings.

On this afternoon, Mr. Grays was descending the steps of his mail truck backward, as postal workers often do to minimize wear and tear on the knees, when out of the corner of his eye he noticed a car making a sharp right turn onto President from Franklin Avenue. Mr. Grays shouted at the driver, climbing back up the steps to avoid getting sideswiped. The black car, in Mr. Grays’s telling, came tearing back his way in reverse. The driver said to him, Mr. Grays recounted, “I have the right of way because I’m law enforcement.” The unmarked car held four plainclothes police officers, according to the Brooklyn borough president’s office, which has taken an interest in the case.
By the time Mr. Grays arrived at the front door of 999 President Street, the police were approaching him. A video of the incident, taken by an observer on the street, begins at this point and shows Mr. Grays, in his postal uniform, as he is handcuffed, frisked and taken to the unmarked car. The officers tell him to stop resisting, even though there is no evidence in the video of resistance. What the video does not show, Mr. Grays said, is what happened next, after he was placed in the back seat of the unmarked car, with his hands cuffed and without a seatbelt, compelling him to leave the mail truck unattended. The driver, who had turned around to taunt him, hit the vehicle in front of them, Mr. Grays said, causing him to bang his shoulder against the front seat. Mr. Grays was then taken to the 71st Precinct station, where he was issued a summons for disorderly conduct that will require him to appear in court. He was then released.” [More here]
Wow, the man is a federal employee and getting his grind on (in his uniform no less), and a bunch of out of control cops with huge chips on their shoulders decide to show him who is the boss. It’s sad, really, but this is the mindset of far too many of the people roaming the streets in uniforms these days. It’s a tough job, and it takes a special type of person to do it, so when these bad apples ruin it for the whole bunch it makes those honest hard working police officers out there have a tougher job on their hands.
We are living in an age when conservatives are trying to teach children that racism no longer exists  and that America has never really been a racist country.
Still, when we see incidents like the one with Mr. Grays happening on a daily basis, we can’t help but wonder what country they are living in.
*Pic from the washingtonpost.com

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