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After Boko Haram, the Islamic Nigerian based terror group, gained global attention by abducting over 200 schoolgirls and threatened to sell them into slavery I wondered the meaning of their name.

Al-Qaeda meant “the base”, like central planning, but Boko Haram’s activities were unprecedented, even for a terror group, so I figured their name translated into a firm believe that justified their actions.

But translators said it meant: Western education is a sin

What does that mean?

And what does that have to do with kidnapping?

Nothing, unless they meant “original sin,” which is something one is born into.  That concept normally isn’t associated with Islam. But with a vivid imagination it can be argued that the schoolgirls were born into western education, and if Boko Haram borrowed the concept of “original sin” the kidnapping would be justified if their intentions were to return the abducted girls back into what they considered proper Islam.

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