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The recent Wilkinsburg shootings leaving five adults, four of them women, dead and an unborn baby dead are one of the worst massacres in this country’s history. It’s yet another incidence of Black on Black murders that should spark national outrage from the Black Lives Matter groups and Blacks all over this country but won’t.

The other scary thing about this is that if the two shooters aren’t captured soon they may not be. And just imagine having these cold-hearted killers loose in your community.

Anyone who can kill like that has killed before and will kill again. Yes, these killers have mothers, sisters, brothers and even kids. And if they are from the Pittsburgh area somebody from the 15 people at the cookout knew one or both of them, because somebody had to have told them about the gathering.

If this was a spur of the moment decision to have the cookout, then someone communicated with them either knowingly or not.

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