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Bill Neal

Bill Neal

* Here’s the absolute truth for ya. I don’t care how big “The Donald’s” hands are . . . don’t give a double damn about “Hulk Hogan’s” sex video and lord knows I could care less about “Cosby” and his women. (You make your bed. You lie in it.) But I can tell you this . . . I am all over “Kim Kardashian’s” naked photos and can’t wait for the next one . . . oops – wait – did I say that out loud? My Bad! But you know you were thinking it too fellas. C’mon man!!!

* Ok, back to “the other” sports stuff. “The Black Mamba” aka Kobe Bryant dropped 26 on Bron-Bron and the Cavs in their last head to head matchup. LeBron had 24 in the win at the Staple Center. Makes me wish that Kobe can do one more year with a serious team for that sixth ring. Hey, anything is possible!

* Don’t get me wrong and don’t get it twisted, the Pirates losing in spring training doesn’t really mean much. My concern is their coming north and ending up in a sudden death playoff game again due to lack of pitching . . . great pitching.

* You were not shocked when Pitt beat Syracuse for the third time. They’re really a better team. And you were optimistically hopeful they would beat Carolina . . . and they could have, but what you/we want is that they can win one-two or maybe three in the Big Dance. Hey, I just told ya anything can happen. It’s all about timing and match-ups!!! Hail to Pitt.

* The band got back together again and lit-up Downtown Pittsburgh at the fabulous 40 Awards Event at the Fairmont Hotel last night. Hats off to Rod Doss, Stephan Broadus, Eric Gaines, Ulish Carter, Ashley Johnson, Debbie Norrell and the Pittsburgh Courier family for a grand night out recognizing and honoring the future leaders of the Steel City. Like a great movie, I gave the night five stars!!!!!

* Speaking of Mr. Doss . . . aka “The Man” and the genius behind the Pittsburgh Courier and all that it brings you every week, don’t tell him or Stephan I said this . . . but, the Allegheny Old Timers are hosting their annual basketball cabaret on Saturday, March 19, 2016 at the Community Empowerment Association, 7120 Kelly Street, across from the Homewood YMCA. It’s a 30 and over BYOB party so leave the kids at home. 9:00-2:00 a.m., 50/50, door prizes, dress to impress required and D.J. Mighty Man kicks the sounds. Call Wolf at 412-605-4635 – Martin at 412-612-0012 or Ricky at 412-306-2327 for more information. These brothers were the national champions so come out and support Pittsburgh’s best.

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