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A couple of weeks ago I received a phone call from Phyllis Brown, a lady who is a dear friend of mine, and a person with whom I have the utmost respect. She asked me had I ever met the Mayor of Braddock and my response was no. She said, “You know he is running for the United States Senate.“ I said I know, but presently I am leaning toward the former admiral Joe Sestak. Phyllis continued by suggesting that I should meet the mayor and I agreed. I had seen the mayor on television, read about his accomplishments in the newspaper and knew that physically he was a big man, but upon meeting him in person and talking and exchanging views about numerous issues it became apparent to me how big Mayor John Fetterman really is.

In my 84 years I have met persons from every walk of life—-liars, exceptionally good liars, big persons who were small in statue, eloquent speakers, those who have speech impediments, rich and poor persons, trustworthy and those who were not, White persons we could count on and colored persons that we could not, those religious leaders who preach Jesus and those who serve the devil and last but not least those elected officials, who put their arms around you and state you can count on me. Yes I have met them all. Over the years I have heard the political speeches and the promises and I have become increasingly more cynical and suspicious and all of them become suspects of being persons who speak with fork tongue (liars).

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