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Speaking of “truth”, let’s start with some bone crushing truth.  #1 – Where were all the karate people that weren’t at the funeral.  All the ones he taught.  All the ones he trained, and for free!  Where were all the black belts he tested and passed?  What about the fighters . . . the boxers.  Where were they at?  And the military.  Where was the support for this two time Vietnam marine veteran?  And lastly, where was the church, the community, all the people he helped, prayed for, raised money for, broke bricks for . . . Where Were Ya At??  The funeral was half full and it should have been overflowing.  Congratulations and thank you for those who came.  Shame On All Those Who Could Have And Should Have And Didn’t!

More truth . . . A local fighter, who will remain nameless, got more media attention for beating up his girlfriend than Bazemore got for being a former world champion and Vietnam veteran.

Master Jacquet Bazemore . . . “The Ultimate Force”.  The Final Strike!

  • Former world heavyweight kickboxing champion.  (The original art form.)
  • He put the then champion in the hospital for a week.
  • United States Marine Corps veteran.  Special Forces.  Combat Instructor.
  • Two time Vietnam veteran.
  • Inducted into the National Karate Hall of Fame along such legends as Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris and T.V. icon Billy Blanks.
  • Inducted into six other martial arts Hall of Fame.
  • Voted Champion Enterprises Willie Stargell MVP Award twice.
  • Sparred with Muhammad Ali, boxing greatest of all time!
  • Introduced and received a 15 minute standing ovation at the World Kickboxing Championships in Cincinnati.
  • Has broken as many as twenty (20) 2″ concrete blocks with a “head strike” and an endless list of breaks with his hands, elbows, and feet.
  • Allowed a 5,100 lb. jeep to run over him while he laid bare back on asphalt while being driven by a 275 lb. man.  (Dave Weston, East Hills Park, Connie Hawkins Summer Basketball League 1979.  Fact!)
  • The holder of countless awards, records and recognitions.  And the presenter of numerous miraculous and unbelievable feats.  Too many to mention.




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