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Scientists have announced that a new strain of so-called “super lice” are now prominent in over half the country, including Georgia, and are resistant to regular over-the-counter treatments.

Millions of parents are learning that in 25 states, including South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and Florida, scientists are finding super lice that can’t be killed with the normal chemical used in most traditional treatments. They said that Pyrethroids, which used to work 100 percent of the time back in 2000, worked in only 25 percent of the cases by 2013.

It is FDA approved, the new medicine costs about $170 and may be covered by insurance. Prescription medication or nit-picking and combing can still get rid of these nasty creatures, but both options take time and multiple treatments. However the best treatment is prevention. Lice experts say parents should teach their kids a few basics.

Scientists and lice experts advise the following to slow or prevent the further spread of this super-lice:

  • don’t share hats;
  • don’t share hairbrushes;
  • Try to avoid the actual contact with the hair of another person’s head, which is how the lice are transferred.

If it is evident that your child does have lice or the new strain of “super lice,” experts said there is no need for panic:

  • They advise adults to simply vacuum, especially anywhere hair might have fallen.
  • Wash bedding in hot water;
  • throw stuffed animals and clothing in a hot dryer for about half an hour.

Scientist advise that lice can’t live without a blood supply after 24 hours.

Super lice prominent in Georgia and half the country was originally published on atlantadailyworld.com

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