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Image result for beyonce lives image   Folks in the majority are up in arms over a couple of recent performances from black entertainers.

Beyoncé Knowles  (Carter) and Kendrick Lamar recently found their black side as they performed for a national audience and it made some folks uncomfortable. “This is too much”. It is anti police. It is glorifying the Black Lives Matter movement. Who are these Panthers? Weren’t they black terrorist? What about little white girls? ” And on and on it went. There were even calls for a boycott of the artists and various forms of hand-wringing from my white friends.

And then, to top it off, police officers who have sworn to serve and protect are now refusing to protect Beyoncé’s bayou bootie.  (Don’t worry Bey, the NOI has your back if needed.) Something about her Formation video being anti-police. I saw the video and the only issue police should have with it is that the police car she was sitting on seemed to be sinking so quickly.  One of them  (police officers) is even blaming Bey for shots being fired outside of his home as well as what he perceives is an uptick in police killings and shootings.

But alas it seems that this is all a bunch of crap. Beyoncé and the Black Lives Matter movement is not the reason police officers  are being killed.

In fact…..

“….. According to a New York Daily News column written by Shaun King, seven out of eight officers killed by gunfire in the United States so far in 2016 died at the hands of white men. (The Officer Down Memorial Page cites nine police deaths by gunfire; the Daily News left out the death of Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics special agent Lee Tartt, also killed by a white man.) 

The deaths of the seven officers killed by white men, cited in the Daily News, seem to follow no other noticeable pattern.
In January, Ohio police officer Thomas Cottrell was found dead without his weapon or cruiser and was later discovered to have been shot by a man named Hershel Jones. According to NBC, Jones’ ex-girlfriend called in a tip earlier that night, stating he had “left with weapons and was looking to kill an officer.”
Phillip Ferry, who had 41 prior arrests, fatally shot Seaside, Oregon, police Sgt. Jason Goodding, making Goodding the first officer in the state to die in the line of duty since the 1800s.

Hartford County, Maryland Sheriff’s Deputy Patrick Dailey and Deputy Mark Logsdon were both killed when David Brian Evans shot Dailey in a Panera Bread. Logsdon was killed in the ensuing shootout.

Utah officer Douglas Barney was killed by gunshot at the hands of 31-year-old Corey Lee Henderson. North Dakota officer Jason Moszer was killed when he responded to a domestic disturbance, and is suspected to have been shot by Marcus Schumacher. Seventeen-year-old Austin Holzer is alleged to have killed Colorado officer Derek Geer while Geer was questioning him. 

The only officer killed by a black person was Major Gregory “Lem” Barney — the first black police chief in the history of Riverdale, Georgia — who was shot by a man named Jerand Ross. 

“These shootings have nothing to do with Black Panthers or modern black activism,” wrote King in his column. “That, though, is the popular story in America right now and it is nothing more than a lie.”‘ [Source] 

Lies, yes. But it fits the narrative that some folks want to push. You know, that one about those “evil black folks.

Even if they are just entertainers.

*Pic from alternet.org.

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