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The big picture is the very real likelihood that Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee for president and should not be underestimated in getting into the White House, like it or not. If Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee, the email issues (exclusive use of home private server and personal emails while Secretary of State) will be front and center and linked to other foreign affairs and national security issues like her vote on the Iraq war and Isis, Benghazi embassy attack, Libya post-Gaddafi turmoil, along with any ongoing FBI or new congressional investigations. It’s hard to imagine that the negative attacks and ads based on, just the emails, that will come from the Trump campaign in it’s proven, successful, withering, attack style would not be a big problem for anyone, even the Clintons, to overcome. Though the presidency isn’t all about being good at a talk show or reality show, nor promotion and marketing- getting there can very well be.

The Sanders campaign’s pass on pursuing this ‘very serious issue’ during the Democratic primary doesn’t lessen it’s importance as a national security issue especially when cyber attacks and the threat of cyber attacks have been and are a major threat to the homeland. Bernie’s pass on attacking Hillary on this is in keeping with the campaign’s moral compass and style. That shouldn’t mean it’s left out of the primary campaign conversation altogether in such a tight race. And it will be a major issue in the general election that can’t be overlooked now.

The primary voters and public deserve to know about all this and/or be reminded of it in the litany of other major issues and minutia in the campaigns. This presidential race is pivotal by any standard, and the ’emails’ issue speaks to judgement on both sides. South Carolina Rep. Clyburn said ‘all’s fair’ in campaigns during an interview on his endorsement of Clinton. Sounds like a prediction and a heads up to Sen. Sanders.

**The writer is a former contributor to NNPA and member publications including The Final Call and News Dimensions.



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