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What does it say about the state of the Republican Party today when the most dominating candidates in the GOP presidential field are men known for their fear-mongering and bellicose rhetoric?

Polls show businessman Donald J. Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas leading Republican presidential candidates in the first three states to vote in the 2016 campaign.

 A new Wall Street Journal/NBC Marist Poll finds Trump is dominating the GOP presidential field in the first three states, including in Iowa which votes on Monday.

According to the poll, Trump leads at 32 percent of likely Iowa caucus voters, followed by Cruz with 25 percent and Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida with 18 percent.

In New Hampshire which holds its primary on Feb 9, the same poll gives Trump a double-digit lead with 31 percent support, to Cruz’s 12 percent.

In South Carolina which holds its primary Feb. 20, Trump also holds a strong lead. Trump is ahead with 36 percent to 20 percent for Cruz.

Both Trump and Cruz are among the best of the Republican presidential candidates at articulating the concerns many Americans have that Washington is broken and can get little done.

But Trump and Cruz have clearly demonstrated that they are not the right men to fix Washington. In fact, they would exacerbate problems.

While articulate and entertaining, Trump has shown an inability express his ideas without insulting whole groups of people in his strident anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant rhetoric

In the Jan. 14 Republican debate, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush was right to criticized Trump’s call to temporarily ban any Muslims from entering the United States.

“I hope you reconsider this, because this policy is a policy that makes it impossible to build the coalition necessary to take out ISIS. The Kurds are out strongest allies. They’re Muslim. You’re not going to even allow them to come to our country?”

But even in his criticism Bush was tepid in his response similar to other candidates when asked to respond.

Cruz has also engaged in reckless language when he talks about “carpet bombing,” ISIS which means thousands of innocent women and children would be killed, providing ammunition for extremists to recruit future terrorists.

Both candidates have also expressed temperament that shows that are unable to get along with those who do not agree with them.

Trump engages in vicious personal attacks against journalists and political rivals that are critical of him. Cruz has sought a government shutdown during budget debates. Cruz’s Republican senate colleagues don’t seem to like him much, even the most conservative. None have endorsed his presidential bid.

Trump and Cruz are seeking a job in which temperament and tact are paramount.

It is difficult to imagine either man dealing effectively with world leaders or members of Congress.

Just on the bases of judgment and temperament both Trump and Cruz are unqualified to be president.

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