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Hey by the time that you read this article, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will have won the Iowa caucuses’ (maybe). One thousand questions will have been asked about the arm strength of the Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning, (probably).  And last but not least, the Broncos defense will not have enough kryptonite to weaken the super athletic powers of the Carolina Panthers superstar quarterback, halfback, fullback, Cam Newton, (more than likely).

Racial purist’s disguised as football fans can drink “haterade’ until their stomachs burst but the Denver Broncos are nearing their final destination as far as the 2015 season is concerned.

The Broncos are not destined to be in the winner’s circle when the clock expires on February 7, 2016 at the end of Super Bowl 50.

If the Broncos win I will stand outside of my downtown Pittsburgh office clothed only in a sheet and will allow the photo to be seen by all of my readers. If the Panthers prevail, the first reader to send email me, will have the opportunity to take me out to lunch and pick my brain about sports and about anything else, (I will leave the tip, any place is good even McDonald’s).

If Cam Newton blows it for me I will curse him to be forced to compete with deflated footballs forever.

I am from the old school. I loved it when I saw the video of Seattle Seahawks All-Pro cornerback Richard Sherman dropping an RKO on fellow All-Pro Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews during last Sunday’s NFL Pro-Bowl game.

With all of the long blonde hair, good ole boy versus the dreadlock thug social values that some people are currently trying to use to divide America as well sports, it is refreshing to see two grown famous rich athletes, allowing the little boy in them to come out.

Forget about dividing and conquering. How about unifying and conquering?

Sherman and Matthews may have started a trend of not asking the asinine question; “can’t we all just get along?” as opposed to just getting along.

Some of the Twitter “sloggers” seem to be sinking in quicksand mixed with poop.  They want to see White versus Black, Hispanic, Asian, Indians, and Jews: just White against everybody else.

Let’s quit trying to dominate, and attempt to reciprocate. May we begin accepting each other’s “trains of thought,” as opposed to insisting that everyone else mirrors one set of ideas and theories?

For God sake, football is just a sport!  I have not heard any breaking stories concerning any life preserving cures for cancer, diabetes, heart disease or any other health or life threatening disease that emerged from the 2015 NFL Pro-Bowl.

I am also certain that at the end of Super Bowl 50, there will be no press conferences held other than to say which team lost and which team won, and why.

So to all of you “race-baiting” naysayers out there hiding behind the internet all I have to say is this; we Americans may lose a few battles but when the smoke clears, whether it is on the football fields or the killing fields, we will stand toe to toe and the melody that we celebrate at the end of the day will not be “Taps” but will always be Aaron Copeland’s; “Fanfare for the Common Man.”

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