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:07—Denver beats New England.  The Pats are not the same and Peyton Manning is on a mission to prove the world wrong.

:06—Carolina beats Arizona. As bad as I want Fitzgerald to get a ring, “Cam” and the boys got too much juju!! That plus “Cam” is 6’5” and 250…C’mon man!  Super Bowl prediction next week.

:05—You can fire everybody in Cleveland if you want…Bron Bron’s a bum.  D’Wade carried him in Miami for two. Yeah, I said it!

:04—Pitt men’s basketball in the meat and heat of it and it’s not about to get any easier. Inside pressure is the ticket. Win the boards…win the game.

:03—Your Duquesne Dukes beat George Mason 86-75 but the real national star stats came after the game when they got stuck in the blizzard.  Go Dukes!!!

:02—Alright everybody, let’s get ready for the stretch run of high school basketball.  As     always, be safe, be careful, and support the kids.  Don’t be a kid.

:01—Here it is. The way you like it… “Straight and no Chaser.”

#10–94 percent of the Oscar committee is White and 63 percent is female.  What? #9–Yea, a Black woman heads the committee…and??? #8–You mean to tell me all the movies out this year and all the movie stars and they couldn’t nominate one Black person??!!?#7-Remember when Will Smith saved Hollywood and the world? #6-I say boycott the Oscars…but ya know if Halle’s going…I’m going. #5–You have 10 top movie spots but ya only name eight. Just the hell Straight Outta Compton huh? #4–Hell the damn bear in the Revenant got more attention than Black actors. #3–You all know that Michael B. Jordan should have been nominated for Creed! Anybody that saw it knows it. #2–Thank you Jada …shame on you, Stacey Dash back to the Mansion, your house. #1–Give ‘em hell Chris Rock!



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