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We are told when the starving masses of Paris went  begging for bread at the royal palace gates, Queen Marie Antoinette  said, “Let them eat cake.” History remembers her for that. That is her legacy.

We know for sure when the destitute Black masses across America asked President Barack Obama for specific polices to ameliorate their specific socio-economic suffering,  Obama said, “I’m not the president of Black America.” And mass Black suffering continues. History will remember Obama for that. That will be his legacy.  It will hound him down through his years on this planet, and then chase  him eternally across the fire pits of Hell–or ain’t no Hell.

The most salient feature of Obama’s eight, center-right, Blue Dog Democrat “State of the Union” addresses is in 2009 with the “wind at his back,” the GOP in disarray, and the Democratic Party in control of Congress,  he ducked and dodged even a mainstream “Black Agenda.”

Over the past seven White House-years, he has ducked and dodged US Black poverty, White, poverty, Brown poverty, and any other hue.  We can criticize  “The War on Poverty” of L.B.J.  But Johnson did declare a “war.”

Obama never proposed even a mainstream progressive agenda for mass mobilization, organization, politicization and struggle in the post-Obama years.  His 2016 State of the Union mutterings  come way, way too late.  That is also his legacy and will chase him eternally across the fire pits of Hell.

Fred Logan

Pittsburgh, PA


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