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Here’s a hypothetical case.

Suppose after the crucifixion members of the Jesus movement sought retribution for the sentence of Christ. But Pontius Pilate and the plotting Pharisees were dead. Then the Jesus movement discovered Simon of Cyrene, the cross carrier for Christ, was still alive. They arrested him and charged him with crimes against Christianity. But Simon challenged the legality of the charge. He said he couldn’t commit a crime against something that didn’t exist during the time in question. Realizing they had no legal precedent his accusers changed the charge to murder. Simon stated he never touched the convict.

Then he was charged with participation. Simon said he wasn’t at the trial and never shouted crucify him. Realizing Simon was right again they finally charged him with being at the scene of the execution. He was found guilty and sentence to prison.

I’m sure you would agree the outcome of this case is illogical.

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