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What would cause a woman to kill her own child?

Apparently that is what happened in the case of Adrianne Williams who was arrested for the murder of her daughter Adrionna  Williams.

Apparently the raising of a daughter without a husband or family support was too much for her. Yet relatives say on Social Media that she had plenty of help from family, hers and the fathers. But even if she didn’t have help what about putting the child up for adoption?

Wow, what if my mother had said that. She had six kids with most of her family in Tennessee and she was in Illinois. Yet she, like most Black mothers, hung in there through the worst of times. She did threaten to kill us at times.

I may be old school but don’t females think about this before they have unprotected sex? With all the contraceptives out there today, why would you have unprotected sex?  Come on now, you are telling me that with all the single homes in the Black communities these females don’t know that there’s a 90 percent chance the male is not going to be around after sex. Most of these women are from broken homes.

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