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Aubrey Bruce

Aubrey Bruce

Extra, extra read all about it.  The New England Patriots apologize for cheating for illegally underinflating footballs that gave them a competitive advantage in the 2014 NFL playoffs!

Wrong headline.  See boys and girls the NFL was supposed to be the one apologizing to Patriots owner Robert Kraft about launching an unjustified probe of the Patriots and Kraft’s chief minion Tom “Shady” Brady, in regards to Brady allegedly ordering equipment subordinates to underinflate game balls in order to help him keep a “death grip” on the football to make more accurate throws in inclement and inhospitable weather.

Recently, Brady had the gall, the audacity and the balls to hold a pep rally disguised as a news conference, indicating that he might be ready to come clean and tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Instead he took a dump in a New England Patriots outhouse that was already over flowing with bulls–t.

Sir Bill “Belicheat” and his knight of the “unsound” table were accused, tried and convicted of illegally videotaping the opposing teams signals over a period of several years including prior to their Super Bowl XXXVI win over the St. Louis Rams in February of 2002. In 2007 when New England was busted for cheating I wrote an article titled, “cheaters almost always win.” I wrote that: “Now that Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots have been exposed for what they are, it is apparent the NFL’s strict policies regarding discipline and punishment must be reserved only for Black athletes acting badly.

Cheating and skullduggery have been given the green light. The offenses by the Patriots organization do not have a criminal penalty that can be assessed but just like the Pete Rose scandal in MLB, cheating and/or gambling should have been dealt with in the harshest terms possible; but the NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell saw things differently.  Belichick was fined $500,000 and the franchise was ordered to pay an additional $250,000. That “featherbed” type penalty does not even constitute a slap on the wrist.”

That was a frivolous and nepotism based reaction and penalty regarding systemic cheating allegedly observed by an owner, (Robert Kraft) and implemented by his Head Coach, Bill Belichick and his “army of cheaters” led by his field general The dishonorable, oops I meant the honorable Tom Brady, reading the other teams defenses using stolen signals and illicit information, all the while erroneously defined being as “geniuses.”

During the Patriots B.C. era (before cheating) in Super XX, they were handily defeated by the Chicago Bears 46-10.  New England competed again in Super Bowl XXXI and was defeated by the Green Bay Packers 35-21.  Still no videotape help was available for New England to steal a victory.

When the New England A.C. (after cheating) era began the team became wildly successful. During Super Bowls XXXVI, XXXVIII, XXXIX when the Patriots defeated the St. Louis Rams, (which is the first of New England’s “cheaters bowl victories), the Carolina Panthers and the Philadelphia Eagles. It has been corroborated that all of those victories were partially made possible by the New England Patriots organization being involved in organized, systemized, voluntary and belligerent violations of the NFL’s competitive standards.

Remember boys’ and girls’ I said in 2007 that I thought: “that it was apparent the NFL’s strict policies regarding discipline and punishment must have been reserved only for Black athletes acting badly.”   That was eight years ago, fast forward to 2015. Former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice, ostracized and cut for domestic abuse and Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson suspended by his team for child abuse and child endangerment charges.  As egregious as these violations by Rice and Peterson may be, the actions taken by these players in their personal lives did not give their teams a competitive advantage on the field.

As a result the NFL levied penalties that resulted in both players losing their seasons and possibly their careers. That being the case why should Patriots QB Tom Brady receive less punishment than Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson for his alleged violation of “equipment manipulation” that may have possibly affected the outcome of a season and very well may have been instrumental in the Patriots hoisting the Super Bowl XLIX Lombardi trophy.

The NFL should sit Tom Brady down from the first game of the 2015 season through eight games. Suspending him after the Patriots have won ten or eleven games is sustaining skullduggery. Stop the cheating now!

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