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Where Only the Truth Matters

• Ok, ok, ok, the air’s out the xxxx ball.  Let’s move on pppllleeeaaassseee!  New England takes home the Lombardi Trophy.  All “You People” have given them plenty of motivation.  The Pats 31 – Seahawks 21.

• Get your terrible towels out folks.  Pittsburgh Steeler Legends II is set and coming at ya Saturday, April 4th at The Rivers Casino.  Lock it in and get up close and personal with Super Bowl Champions Robin, Cole, Mike Wagner, Louis Lipps, Dwayne Woodruff, J.T. Thomas, Randy Grossman and many others.  Tickets are $50 and include elaborate hors d’oeuvre spreads, autographs, photographs, jazz band and a Super Bowl good time.  VIP tickets are available for the first 100 people only at $100.  That will get you hugs and kisses.  Call Achieving Greatness Inc. for more information at (412) 628-4856.

• Please stop lying to yourself.  LaGarrette Blount won this one and you know it. Lighting up or not, he’s going to the big dance and the powers that were . . . are home wondering if they had not fired him would they be dancin???

• The best quarterback of all time argument is on the table once again with Brady and Wilson doing battle.  Wilson . . . not in the conversation, Farve . . . worthy, Unitas . . . of course you call that name, Aaron Rogers . . . great now, not all the time, Manning . . . top four to be sure, but your top three goes like this . . . #3 – Tom Brady, #2 – Joe Montana, #1 – Terry Bradshaw . . . period.  End of story!  Oh, I’m crazy huh.  Alright then, click in and give me your top three.  You’ll be wrong, but I’ll take it anyway.

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