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Now that the election is over, and the Republicans took the House and Senate, and a Democrat won the governor’s race in Pennsylvania, what does all this mean for Black people?

First on the Republicans taking the U. S. Senate and widening their majority in the U.S. House, many are saying they were able to do this because of the failed Obama programs. I say they are dead wrong. Americans were even more dissatisfied with the dysfunction in Washington. They were able to do this because Obama and the Democrats didn’t push and promote the many successes of his administration. Even though most polls had the president in the mid 40s in popularity Congress was in the high 20s.

Most Democrats ran from the president much like Al Gore ran from President Clinton in the 2000 presidential election, which cost him the presidency. That was the same case in this election. The majority of the people were more concerned about economic conditions in this country instead of who Bill Clinton was sleeping with at the turn of the century, and that is the same case with Obama. Domestic not foreign terror, namely the economy.

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