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Diversity 365 was a program created by former mayor Luke Ravenstahl to make sure the city of Pittsburgh had diversity in their hiring. In short Blacks were at least considered during city hiring. Well, that program has been eliminated and my question is what program has been implemented to replace it?

Diversity is the most important aspect of city government. Why? Because equal employment is more important than anything else. Without employment one cannot put a roof over his and his family’s heads, food on the table, cloths on their backs, or get a quality education. He can do nothing. Without equal employment everything else is unequal and Blacks will never catch up.

Two big questions with the city right now is what program or programs will replace the Diversity 365 program and who will replace Phil Petite, who died months ago. He was in charge of making sure Blacks and women got their equal share of city contracts.

Phil received a lot of criticism because of a report he filed which he called a dream list, which was made up of ficticious figures of minority and women contracts. He said they were what he would have like to have seen done.

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