Animals are treated better than some children. Recently, I saw a very young woman dragging a little child down the street by the arm. The baby was under 24 months and she had no stroller. Just because the child can now walk that doesn’t mean they can keep up with you. Those umbrella strollers are quite inexpensive. Also, you can go to the Good Will, Salvation Army or Once Upon a Child to pick one up. I also noticed the young lady did not have a diaper bag to carry the basic essentials for a child that age.

What are these young girls thinking?  How many mothers have you seen walking with the kids behind them? The parent is on their phone and the kid is trailing behind. They could be snatched or wander into the street. The parent then turns around and hollers for the child to come on like they are a grown up. If you are not going to hold the child’s hand, at least allow them to walk in front of you. And what’s with the parents who allow their children to litter? The child doesn’t know any better, but the parent or grandparent should. Stop them when they throw their candy wrappers in the street and please set an example for the child by putting your own trash in the garbage can.

So many of the young mothers appear to be angry and I’m sure they are. They didn’t think he would be the one to leave, they did not think they would  be the one left all alone to raise a child; after all the baby’s father said he would stay, but he really did not expect you to get pregnant.  A baby was not really a part of the good time equation.  Trying to hold on to someone by having a baby is never a good idea for all concerned parties. I hate to see the little ones suffer.  Being a parent is not an easy job and it looks like a lot of young girls don’t have the role models to show them what to do.

Finally, why are these young mothers weaving hair into the hair of a child under five years old, or under the age of 10 or 15 for that matter?  These are the years to take care of their hair and nurture it so it will grow. I’ve seen little ones with hair that has not been combed in days or they may have hair braided in that needs to be washed and re-braided.  Weaves and braids are not a substitution for maintaining your child’s hair. My mother braided and greased our hair each day until we were old enough to fix it ourselves.  I see some little kids waiting for the bus and their hair has not been touched, boys and girls.

It hurts to see a neglected child, in many cases they grow up to be an angry adult and you know how that goes “hurt people, hurt people.” If you didn’t get that people that have been hurt, hurt others.

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