(NNPA)—This is a call for all eligible Black folks to register and vote in every election from now until eternity, so we can stop the rallies, marches, and demonstrations related to voting. Despite being the most party-loyal voters in history, and receiving the least for that loyalty (No quo for our quid), we continue to deal with voting-related issues. If everyone would vote we could move on to the “weightier” matter of building our own communities again. So please, all Black folks who are eligible, get registered and vote! Let’s make quid pro quo a reality for Black voters.

In 2012, Black folks turned out in a larger percentage than Whites and other groups for the first time in history. In 2008, Blacks voted 95 percent for Barack Obama. Now, in 2014, we are still rallying folks around “voting” issues, voting rights, and voting procedures. As I said, we vote the most but receive the least. What will change this ridiculous scenario? I say, 100 percent registration and voter turnout; then we can finally stop spending such an inordinate amount of on those subjects.

Booker T. Washington once said, “There are some Negroes who don’t want the patient to get well.” It is still true today with politics among Black folks. We have leading Blacks whose every move is centered on the political.  For their personal economic prosperity, they do very well; but when it comes to a collective solution, you can’t find them with a search warrant.

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