I received a phone call from a friend of mine and he asked what are you going to write about this week? My response was I don’t have the slightest idea. However on the news was the report that another young man’s body was discovered in North View Heights and instantly I asked myself for the umpteenth time what the hell has happened to us?

I often reflect on yesteryear when we lived in a neighborhood where there was no indoor plumbing, gas, telephones, locks on doors. We knew all of our neighbors and they were neighborly, no one went without food, clothing or heat.

All adults were respected just based on the fact they were adults, and family structure often was different from today’s households.

Church of yesterday was different; the members generally lived in the neighborhood where the church was located. There were no mega churches where the membership is so large that members only see the minister from the balcony or driving down the street.

Some modern day churches have more choir members than some churches have members.The one example that stands out is the Hill District. It currently has 38 active churches but in between them are vacant lots, unemployment, drugs, drug dealing and all of the negatives that devour a community.

Colored politicians serve the Democratic Party not the constituents who elect them. The unemployment among Black men is staggering, and I have grown weary of colored folks, who have bought into the belief that Black men don’t want to work.

There was period of time when we used the phrases “Black is beautiful,” and “I’m Black and I’m proud.”

A number of colored Christians left the churches of their mothers and fathers, because they were not sophisticated enough, they were not inclined to belong to a church where the members spoke in tongues or shouted amen. Yes they have moved on up and out.

Once the Black communities were consumed with pride, we marched, picketed, boycotted, and lived and preached love for each other. We as a people have changed our love for each other.

In too many situations it changed to SELF HATE, and we seek to destroy that which we hate. An exceptional number of individuals know what their children, brothers, sisters, boyfriends, relatives and husbands do for a living and they know it’s illegal.

Too many of us know that our family members not only own guns but carry them.

I know a mother who saved her son’s life; she found an UZI under his mattress and called the police. The son was arrested for owning an automatic weapon and incarcerated, while in prison he obtained a college degree and today he is gainfully employed and calls and thank his mother everyday.

Only when we are able to look into the mirror of life and love the person we see will we be able to break the cycle of SELF HATE.

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(Louis “Hop” Kendrick is a weekly contributor to the Forum Page.)

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