Positiveness not covered to the extent negativity is

I arose early one Sunday morning and turned the television on, and the first five incidents were young Black men, who allegedly had committed a crime. These negative incidents receive ongoing coverage regularly, and as result, we are portrayed in a very negative light. The tragedy is that many of the viewers believe that it represents all Blacks.

Untold millions of dollars are expended on drug rehabilitation programs and programs that will reduce the numbers of persons going back into the penal institutions. I recollect being invited to an affair in Mt. Lebanon and the guest speaker openly bragged about his history of drug dealing, drug using, pimping, robbing, stealing and other unsavory things. As negative as the story of his life was he portrayed himself as a victim of the system and this was his only way of responding, and these well-meaning women in attendance clapped.

Are there children, who have no family structure? Of course there are. And many of these situations are so deplorable that they survive at all borders on being a miracle. But too many fail to survive psychologically, which is why they often  make the negative and destructive choices they do. However, throughout my lifetime I’ve witnessed friends and neighbors who had no father or mother, they did not turn to the streets, but instead became successful businesspersons, doctors, attorneys, educators, preachers and achieved other commendable positions.

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