Before I get to LeBron it was interesting watching the National News Shows Sunday. Once again, it was like there were no economic or health care problems in this country. Everything was focused on the civil war in the Ukraine, and the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

Whoever shot down the civilian airplane needs to be executed on the spot. That is some cold-hearted stuff shooting down a civilian plane with innocent people who weren’t Russian or Ukrainians. Most of the western media believe Russia was behind it or at least supplied the weapon that did it. However, with all the propaganda on both sides, and realizing the fact that neither side are saints, it could have very easily been the Ukrainians who shot the plane down with a missile they captured from the Russians to place blame on the Russian. But that’s the problem, when the super powers start giving weapons of mass destruction to these small want-to-be powers they lose control. Instead of focusing all their attention on Russia, more attention should be focused on the people who did this and the punishment should be deadly. I don’t think either side would support the shooting down of a civilian plane; this was the act of a small group of sick radicals who are trying to escalate the war.

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