I am definitely free, what about you?

The fourth of July has come and gone; it was a day for America to celebrate its independence and freedom from Britain. I have frequently heard Black persons who state they are not free. How do you identify these individuals who possess this negative attitude?  Ones who can generally be heard stating THEY will not permit us, THEY will not allow us, THEY will stop us at every opportunity and THEY will always place roadblocks in our path.

My standard response to these merchants of negativism is who in the hell are “THEY?”

It took a number of years before I realized how fortunate I was to be blessed with a super strong father and mother, who instilled in the family an early sense of self worth. They were uneducated, but they could read, count and write and all of our lives the family was instructed that “can’t” should never be a part of our vocabulary or life.

One of my father’s ongoing quotes was get an education, because no one can take that away from you. There were untold numbers of daddy’s generation, who refused to allow THEM to hold them back.

We should always remember that THEY bought us to America in the bowels of slave ships and THEY subjected us to the worst form of slavery in the world. THEY were vicious, cruel, and never saw Blacks as human beings, but in spite of it all THEY could not suppress untold numbers of Black men and women who were committed to the betterment of their people.

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