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The  three significant title  words can be intertwined, in a number of people.  Are you one of them? If you are, read on.

America is the greatest and most powerful nation in the history of the world. Yet, the nation is replete with unbelievable and inhumane acts of negativity.   There are millions of people who describe themselves as God-fearing, flag-flying Americans. They would rather not hear of American atrocities because, to them, it is an impossibility.

One hundred and fifty years ago the most inhumane treatment of human beings—slavery—existed in the United States.

When this episode of American history is mentioned those “good Americans” use the flawed argument that it’s too negative to focus on slavery because it happened so long ago.

Colored soldiers were subjected to atrocities as late as 1954 when I was honorably discharged from the U.S. Army. Upon returning to civilian life Blacks were still treated as third class citizens.

Blacks in Pittsburgh and throughout Allegheny County even in 2014 are denied jobs, contracts, and opportunities that White citizens are afforded.

The current mayor of Pittsburgh and the Allegheny County Executive continue being hypocrites by stressing their intent to help immigrants to gain contracts and jobs.  Everyone is afforded an opportunity for inclusion but Blacks. We are not hired for Allegheny County police, Pittsburgh police, or union jobs. Blacks were discriminated against even in death by segregated cemeteries. They were denied mortgages, and red lined.

There are currently 44 Judges in Alle­gheny County and only four Blacks.  There was a time that MBE, WBE, and DBE contracts = Blacks, but now they stress “minorities” and “diversity.”

Those who are labeled “Black leaders” only adhere to the orders and directions of the “old Massa”; all are defended as being referred as “ negativity”

My column as you know is titled “Tell the Truth”, and truthfulness is the exposure of ongoing acts of negativity.

Let’s analyze these acts:  Black high unemployment, incarceration, unstable families, drug addiction and selling, lack of self-esteem, and self hate.

The overwhelming ignorance that exists when it come to politics that “all Democrats are good” and “all Republicans are bad”. The truth of the matter is there is very little difference between the two.  Just look around and ask how has voting straight Democrat for over 80 years benefited Blacks?  What has it gotten us?

I recalled some years ago The Pittsburgh Courier carried a story that had to do with the Allegheny County commissioners allocating money in the County budget to study the habitat of the Black bears, instead of allocating money to improve the Black community.

Positiveness was the direct result of direct action:

•Black Tuesday—Marches and demonstration around businesses

•Nate Smith—Founder of Operation Dig

•Bouie Hayden—Disrupted Gulf Oil’s board meeting, thereby getting  its first Black vice-president was appointed.

•Selective buying campaigns—On the national level those unnamed people who resorted to disruption in California, Cleveland, Detroit, and many other cities across this nation resulted in President Lyndon Johnson creating “The Great Society”.  And finally the election of President Obama.

Please remember Kingsley Association.

(Louis “Hop” Kendrick is a weekly contributor to the Forum page.)

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