(NNPA)–There is probably no poverty pimp that is lower than a leech. This type of hustler wants to suck up as much money as he/she can within a very short period.  These guys are found all over the nation and many try to camouflage themselves by “representing” a nonprofit.  As they demand money from reputable corporations who provide products and services to the public and create jobs by the thousands.  They have no shame whatsoever.  It is like a soft robbery. When they succeed there is damage to sincere groups trying to protect the under-served or under-represented.  Money given to them is the money that was formerly earmarked for the community.  That is where the damage is done.

It happens so much in the activist arena that when true accomplishments are achieved the leeches will claim, “He must have been paid off.  How much did he get?”  When we protested a United Air Lines billion dollar project in Indianapolis, no one believed we could make them do the right thing. When it was announced that victory was ours, a rumor went around claiming that I took a $300,000 payoff.  I was enraged by this, being that Kay and I were having financial pains at the time and we would not have lowered ourselves even if it were offered to us. They didn’t want to talk about the $200 million we brought to the local Black businesses. They just called it a payoff.

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