:10—So you know how I’m always wanting to make sure I stay on point with my info to you and at least act like some of this stuff is sports related so Mr. Doss doesn’t send me packin!?!?  Well, here’s this: When President Obama ran for office, he said he was going to end both wars and bring the boys home…and to that end you all cheered and elected him. Now that he’s done just that, you first of all want to blame him for all that’s going on over there and on top of that, you want him to send the boys back…c’mon man, you can’t have it both ways.  How is this related to sports you ask? Oh, it’s a little game the Republicans play called “Kick the President Around and Don’t Vote for Anything He Wants, No Matter What!”  SSSSSCCCCCOOOOORRRRREEEEE!

:09—Speaking of soccer, and I was, Note:  The whole ssscccooorrreee thing. The USA team beat Ghana and tied Portugal to stay in the elimination rounds and they play Germany Thursday.  That’s all I got.  Oh shut up.  Ya don’t even know where Ghana is!

:08—Spurs win. Spurs win. The SSSPPPUUURRRSSS win!  Come now, you didn’t think I was done gloating now did you.  Speaking of which, hey Kevin Cameron, give a Brother a call and get an ear full.

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