Multi-platinum, Grammy Award-winning recording artist Beyoncé Knowles seems to have it all – even her own religion – these days. Idolization of celebrities has begun to take shape outside of the usual obsession many partake.

The National Church of Bey, founded in Atlanta, celebrates and worships the existence of entertainer Beyoncé through her music and praise within a newly formed religion called Beyism.

It began when a group of 12 gathered every Sunday as they do frequently, to sing her songs, drink Moscato and smoke Beyha (marijuana). The group started to analyze one of her songs and realized she is one to be praised.

On their Tumblr site, they state that Christians can be hypocritical lost souls, but “Bey can save you.” The congregation has even created their own version of the Bible called the Beyble.

“After hearing the divine word written out in the Beyble, we assure you that you too can walk in the truth and reach a deep level of understanding. It may sound odd at first, but you just need a formal introduction to the word. Mother Bey is worthy of your praise,” is stated on their website.

The organization has now attracted hundreds of members, but founder and “Minister Diva” Pauline John Andrews said in a previous interview that there are many more who follow their beliefs.

“Whenever you see a large group of women defending the actions of her divine divaness, Bey, they are practicing Beyism. “It is not about believing she rose from the dead, or that she is perfect or anything like that, it is about recognizing that she is the divine diva that we all strive to be.”

Earlier this year, the congregation released their own commercial hoping to attract more members. Since its release, the commercial has been the topic of discussion.

Michael Johnson, pastor at Mt. Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church, questions the validity of the congregation, but if it is true, he says it speaks against God and what he has commanded people to do.

“Going back into the Old Testament, the first commandment is to not have any other Gods. That just completely is contrary to God’s standard and his will,” he said.

The National Church of Bey believes that she isn’t the creator but sits among the throne of Gods. The power of music is one that is great over the young community. It is said that the singer may be unaware of the organization, however no one truly knows.

“It says a lot about the influence entertainers have. If Beyoncé was a person who feared God at all and she knew about this, it would only be right for her to come out against this and denounce the practice and let people know that this isn’t how she wants to be admired,” said Johnson.

The topic of idolization of anything or anyone other than God has become an issue for many who hold true to their beliefs.

“God’s principal is the same whether it is a person or a product. He doesn’t want us to worship the creation, he wants us to worship the creator. Whether it’s sports, a home or money. He wants us to seek him first,” adds Johnson.

Andrews, says “We are very disappointed in the failure of the public to recognize the existence of a divine deity walking among them. Deitys often walk the Earth in their flesh form. Beyoncé will transcend back to the spirit once her work here on Mother Earth has been completed.”

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