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Bill Nunn Jr

This is the 5th and final installment of a 5 part series on the Pittsburgh Steelers and Bill Nunn Jr. from the upcoming book “Portrait of Eternity; The Life and Journey of Bill Nunn Jr.” by Aubrey Bruce. 

“Don’t sucker punch a gift horse in the mouth”

Hey ladies and gents; still think scouting is secondary to coaching? Whether you’re Chuck Noll or Butch Davis a coach can be as brilliant as Albert Einstein but if they don’t have the players, having a great playbook is meaningless because their theories will never be correctly implemented.

Do I hear you murmuring? Why not boys and girls? My father, the late Oprah Elliot Bruce used to say, “regardless if you feed it the best oats and the freshest carrots you still can’t take a mule to Church Hill Downs and expect to win the Kentucky Derby, you have to have a great horse to go along with a great trainer and jockey.” See boys and girls coaching and talent are reciprocal, they go hand in hand sort of like the tight fit of OJ’s tainted gloves.

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