There’s a reason why Black unemployment is double that of Whites all over this country. There’s a reason why there’s police brutality all over this country. There’s a reason why Black income lags way behind Whites, all over this country. And there’s a reason why all over this country White folks are saying they can’t find qualified Blacks to serve on the police force.

I would like to see the new Chief come from the ranks of the Pittsburgh police department. There are several qualified officers on the force.

Someone from Pittsburgh already knows what the problems are, so he or she doesn’t have to learn. If they live in the city they have a love for and understanding of the city. They would also have already earned the respect from fellow police officers, which creates a situation of hitting the ground running instead of losing time learning.

Whoever the new Chief is they must have an urban background. They must be committed to getting more Blacks and women on the force, better community relations, while committing themselves to stopping the violence in the streets, and affect a much higher rate of homicides being solved.  Something like 80 to 90 percent.

My two leading candidates are Rashall Brackney and Eric Holmes. I don’t know Brackney but other than the cigar salesman everything I’ve heard about her has been outstanding. And the kids, police gathering with Wayne Henderson was excellent. She would be the first Black female chief, and I think she would be a good one. I think she would work well with the police, the FOP, and most importantly the community.

Holmes is so good that Slippery Rock College hired him to not only head its police but also to train them. This guy is proving to be a star on the force and city that keeps saying they can’t find Blacks qualified to be police officers.

I feel I must point this out again. Whoever the new chief is, he or she must turn this racist trend around of class, after class, after class with only one or two or in most cases no Black recruits. This has to end, and if not then some heads need to roll. There’s no excuse for it.

The recent cancellation of the Arsenio Hall show leaves zero Black hosts of late night shows. Wow. You would think that with all the Black comedians, there would at least be one Late, Late Night Show host. You know the show after the Late Night Show, maybe if Black comedians cleaned up their act a little whereas every other word is not a curse word, they might get a shot. There has to be some youngster out there somewhere. I thought Arsenio was too old.

We recently got a visit from Mrs. Parker. You know, if you are a man, the sister hosing down her lawn in the shorts and very revealing top in the movie  “Friday.” I was told she was the first Black on the “The Price Is Right” show. Well most of us men don’t watch the game shows, but she sure caught our attention in “Friday.”

But it made me wonder. How in the world could a woman so beautiful and fine, not get any other roles? Come on, anything she would have been in men would have watched, even if she was a poor actress. Pamela Anderson will never be nominated for an Academy anything but she got lead roles in movies. And she’s no Kathleen Bradley. Oh, I’m sorry Mrs. Parker’s real name is Kathleen Bradley.

What I’m saying is that I’m really concerned with the lack of roles for Black women in movies. It appears the roles are picking up on TV but in movies even Halle Berry, who has more roles than any other Black woman, is moving to TV in a new series. Maybe we need to be more selective in what we watch. If it doesn’t have Black women in positive roles, maybe we shouldn’t watch it. Maybe we should demand more roles for Black women. There are a whole lot of very talented actresses who are struggling to find roles.

Congratulations to Brenda Tate on her win as a Pa. Committee person, as well as her retirement party after 30 plus years on the police force, good luck in the future.

(Ulish Carter is the managing editor of the New Pittsburgh Courier.)

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