Dwyane Wade

Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade sits on the sideline against the San Antonio Spurs during the second half in Game 1 of the NBA basketball finals on Thursday, June 5, 2014 in San Antonio. San Antonio won 110-95. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

Where Only the Truth Matters

• Here’s “some truth” for ya!  “Pop” knows something we don’t know and “Duncan” knows something too.  All that being said, The Spurs will beat The Heat in six!

• You know, I tried to send our President a message after the Russian invasion thing and again after the Benghazi tragedy.  Don’t be the guy they blame the end of the world on.  Well, he’s moving in that direction again.  And unless I’m missing something here, it looks like they didn’t do their homework on bringing Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl  home after being a POW for five years.  And look, I want all the boys home too, but not how they say to do it.  I’ve got the big stick.  We’ll make the trade the way I say so or we’ll kill your guys.  “Nobody gives me my guns and tells me to ride, nobody!”


Bill Neal

• Here come the Bucs . . . Here come the Bucs . . . Here come the Bucs!  And I told you so.  Just be patient.  It’s a long season.  When the young boy comes up (xxxx) and the pitching kicks in . . . then the party starts.  Don’t worry, the bats are there.  That’s not the problem.

• So you world Penguins haters gotta eat some words now don’t cha?  You know that Rangers team that kicked our butts, well, they’re in the Stanley Cup Finals now.  Just shut up and eat the words!

• I’m telling you right now so you can book it in because I know you’re going to want to make plans.  The biggest par-tay of the year is coming Friday, July 4, 2014.  It’s a brand new thing . . .  Achieving Greatness Inc. will present The First Friday Fantasy plus . . . the summer’s first gala, all white party, featuring The United Rays Corvette Club Car Cruise at Brewstones in Monroeville.  BYOB – cash kitchen – free parking – 50/50 – The Legend Sly Jock – The Fabulous Allure Models – and surprise celebrity West – call (412) 628-4856 for more information.

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