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We all have heard the expression “the more things change the more they remain the same.” It is the absolute truth when it comes to the actions or inactions of Black elected officials. Let us examine some of the major problems that are tearing our communities and families apart. They are the lack of jobs and contract opportunities, drug use and drug dealing, the unbelievably record high use of guns, wounding and killings. The school systems are in trouble because all of the prior problems contribute to unstable homes. There is the astronomical number of Black persons who are unable to obtain employment because of a criminal background. The gas corporations are steady securing drilling contracts, but only Allegheny Councilman William “Bill” Robinson had the foresight to seek a clause be inserted that would deal directly with the mandatory hiring of Blacks.

It has been bought to my attention that the White political bosses have instructed the Black elected officials to rally the Black communities to support their candidate for governor. These same individuals are the major source of the problems that devour our communities, but the Black elected officials never challenge them.

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