I am a retired veteran who depends upon some of my medical care from the Pittsburgh VA Medical Center. I was very displeased to hear that Sen. Toomey introduced a bill about the disgraceful actions at the Veterans Administration (VA) medical centers across the country. The reason is because I believe Toomey is just a political opportunist who is using the VA scandal to hide from his own shameful record against veterans.

He has voted against every VA funding bill since he’s been a Senator that would have enabled hiring health care workers, including doctors, which could have prevented backlogs. In addition to voting against every VA appropriations bill, Toomey filibustered a bill that would have ensured 15,000 unemployed veterans got jobs. It also would have instructed the VA to work with universities to expand prosthetic programs for disabled veterans.

Toomey said he supported an amendment that was nearly identical to the bill but made sure there was no funding for it. His amendment also included sanctions on Iran.  Why would he hold hostage helping our warriors to additional sanctions on Iran?

Toomey’s amendment also stated that the economic sanctions could not apply to the reconstruction of Afghanistan. It’s shameful that Toomey wants to continue to help Afghanistan’s militia with pay, but he doesn’t believe it’s important to help American troops as well as those who have served our country so well, our veterans.

He talks the talk but he sure doesn’t walk the walk.

Marc Yergin, MAJ, AUS(ret)

Squirrel Hill, PA

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