We have affairs in our neighborhoods and go the extra mile to invite politicians who knowingly have proven track records of not sharing with the Black voters or communities, but we put on blinders and continue to provide them with invitations. Over the years we have supported those politicians who refused to hire Blacks as police. Do you recollect that Blacks had to go to federal court to insure we would be hired?

Just reflect on the unbelievable numbers of conversations you have engaged in with others about the sad conditions of Blacks throughout Allegheny County and that is all that you can do–just complain. However when other individuals decide to oppose the incumbent politicians most mock them, they label them as candidates who run every election (perennial candidates).

How many times have you engaged in conversations with others who criticize and find all kind of faults with those who do make the decision to run for public office? In my personal observation these persons, who do run deserve more than just a hand shake or pat on back, and I say that from first hand experience.

There are two Black men—William Anderson and Todd E. Koger—-running for the Pennsylvania 24th Legislative district. Both have run for political office numerous times. They both deserve a great deal of respect for having the conviction and the courage to seek public office. We need more people to imitate their persistence.

Their actions prove conclusively they live and act out the truism that you definitely can’t get elected to public office if you never run.

Kingsley Association needs your financial support.

(Louis “Hop” Kendrick is a weekly contributor to the Forum page.)

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