Make no mistake about it, the NBA’s effort to oust Los Angeles Clipper’s owner Donald Sterling has become less about racism and more about making the commandeering of a private business acceptable to Americans. This may not be true for the average Black person who is justifiably indignant over Sterling’s comments, but it is why President Obama weighed in. Unlike the phony and misdirected outrage of the NAACP, NBA players and owners, and even the sports media that remained complicit with Donald Sterling’s racist views for more than 30 years, I would’ve never tolerated his bigotry for a second.

Leftist news outlets like MSNBC can’t buy ratings. That’s why we’ve seen sports media like ESPN take the baton in the relay race to see who can agitate and dumb down the culture quickest. Should Donald Sterling have his team taken from him in a free America? No! Should he suffer the consequences of losing his team in a Capitalistic America based upon sponsorship loss and players who are willing to Boycott games? Yes!

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