I don’t like cats, they make me sneeze and I think they are sneaky. I’ve only met one cat that I really liked and it belonged to my niece’s college roommate.  Last week, I saw a story on one of the entertainment shows about a 21-year-old male that enticed a small cat to come close to him with a promise of a kind head rub and then he violently kicked the cat at least 10 feet into the air. His friends who were watching and recording laughed and cheered. Of course this was all videotaped and put on Facebook or somewhere easily found.

Jesus take the wheel, when are these crazies going to realize that videoing this craziness is going to land you in jail or at least catch you a case.  You know people love their animals, and this stray cat was a fixture in the area.  Somebody studied that tape, blew it up, identified the surroundings and tracked that young Black man down to a Brooklyn housing project and charged him with animal cruelty. I was so happy to hear this because this was one of the meanest things that I have seen. The reporter even had to do a disclaimer before they showed this story.

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