Allow me to ask the readers a question that I asked a group the other day, “Have you ever voted for a racist?” The overwhelming answer was hell no and I just smiled and then a number of them said, “Allow us to retract the answer to not knowingly.”

The point I am making is that the voters generally are not really knowledgeable about candidates they vote for. Voters usually are convinced by slick ads, handsome, well spoken, lovely friendly wife, attends the funeral and events in the neighborhood and even comes to church on Sunday, but they very rarely stay for service.

The main culprits that mislead the voters are those that we elect, overwhelmingly they fail to put their constituents the voters first. They seek to be H.N.I.C., but they put that ambition second as they do old Massa’s biddings.

They too frequently have filled the role of a Judas goat knowing full well the candidate does almost nothing to improve the quality of life in the Black communities, thereby a lot of voters cast their votes for a racist unknowingly. We as Black voters must become more demanding with those we elect to represent us. Black leaders must earn the right to the title.

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(Louis “Hop” Kendrick is a weekly contributor to the Forum page.)

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