Larry Cullens, a parking attendant from Hazelwood says,  “I feel his comments were basically his view on life and true feelings ‘cause he wasn’t expecting anyone to ever hear that except for him and the young lady he was talking to; so this is truly who he is. I feel the response from the NBA was a good response, probably as far as they could go, now it’s up to the owners to take it a step further and force him out of the NBA completely. Understand this man said what people already knew he was about, but didn’t do anything about and this is their chance to rectify that.”

Forest Thrower, a retail associate from Larimer  says, “I think the comments were racist and prejudiced, and I think the commissioner Adam Silver did a good job coming down hard on him with the fine and banning him from any NBA activities for life. I think it was a good punishment and I think he deserved it.”

Emmanuel Hanns,  a South Side bus and bar back, says, “He is a grown man so he is entitled to his opinion but we are in a day and age where vocalizing it isn’t necessarily necessary. For the NBA to be pretty much Black, it is a lot of Black kids’ dreams to make it in the NBA now a-days. For you to go and say something like that, as a NBA owner of a team, that is definitely off the wall and for the NBA to handle the situation the way they did I have to give thumbs up and much love to the NBA.”

Randall Taylor, a former Pittsburgh School Board direct/activist from East Liberty  says, “His statements are reprehensible, but he is from a different time and a different era and I think the punishment is just. But I don’t know how you can take somebody’s $500 million or so  team away from them. It’s a sad statement, but I am more concerned about the real active racism that we see in American society and we see here in Pittsburgh. I’m not as much outraged by the simple statements from an old man I am more outraged with some of the things we see on a daily basis.”



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