The general perception is that all rich people are Republicans; the truth of the matter is that the super rich are neither Republican nor Democrats, because they are capitalists, whose only concern is to make more money. In the last presidential campaign between Obama and Romney they collectively spent three hundred million dollars. The overwhelming majority of that massive amount of money came from the same sources because the rich and powerful give to both sides.

The negatives that decimate our communities, such as drugs and guns, not only continue to exist, but also expand. The absolute answer exists only when the family is stabilized, thereby increasing the potential of self-worth. Once we truly understand and are able to live out that “I am somebody,” the overwhelming majority of our problems will begin to disappear.

Those who control the foundation heads, who disperse enough funds to keep us returning to the money troughs every year, must mandate that the existence of conditions like poverty and inequality must be eradicated from the richest country in the world The real power brokers don’t care.

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(Louis “Hop” Kendrick is a weekly contributor to the Forum Page)

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