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There exists in the minds of the multitudes confusion and misunderstanding about who is really in control of the decisions that affect practically every facet of our lives. Persons of all races generally believe that the decision makers are the politicians. We start at the local level with our committee persons, ward chairs, city council, mayor, county council and county executive. The next level is state representative, state senators and the governor. Top levels of politics are U.S. Congresspersons, U.S. Senators and the epitome of politics is the President of United States.

Yes, we argue with each other and cast aspersions on politicians because we truly believe they have the ability to correct the problems such as inadequate schools, overly expensive colleges, massive underemployment and unemployment, penal systems that have failed to be effective, 17 million children going hungry, unfair disparities in sentencing between the poor and rich, Black and White, and trillions of dollars being spent on war and foreign countries.

I recently became aware of some statistics that listed 11 American billionaires that collectively have more money than all of the 40 million Blacks in America. After having this conversation with a friend of mine he sent me some additional information that indicated that there are 81 people who control 51 percent of the world’s wealth.

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