BROTHERS’ KEEPERS—From left: Wade Redcross, founder of Who’s Your Brother?; Lori Altrudo, Ms. Rodgers’ helper; Sheri Rodgers, a cancer survivor; and Debi Arnett, a member of the Who’s Your Brother? staff.

Some people needed furniture, others, needed help running errands, assistance around the house or other more unique gifts.

Their adverse circumstances put them in difficult situations, so much, they became dependent on the helping hand from anyone who cared to assist.

Those people—more than 4,000—turned to Who’s Your Brother?, a foundation that matches people in need with those who can lend a helping hand.

The organization was formed on one simple truth: “Just how dependent we are on one another,” founder Wade Redcross said.

“And I realized that other people need that type of help and support too,” said Redcross, who recovered from a brain injury that placed him in the care of family, friend and others.

Since 2011, Who’s Your Brother? has created a Furniture for Free program where people donate furniture they no longer need. Who’s Your Brother? gives it to families in need, at no charge.

Recently, Sheri Rodgers was matched up with Lori Altrudo. Rodgers is fighting pancreatic cancer and has been severely weakened after several surgeries that make it difficult to perform simple household chores or even walk a flight of stairs.

However, Altrudo signed on to help Rodgers with house chores and grocery shopping.

“There are people out there who want to help you for no gain of their own,” said Rodgers.

Now, Who’s Your Brother? is in need of a helping hand itself.

The organization is trying to raise $110,000 in the next 20 days to build a new facility to handle operations. It’s an aggressive effort on Indiegogo.

Redcross hopes the Who’s Your Brother? mission resonates with donations.

“A little bit of what we’re trying to achieve, in some way, is the way the world should be our ought to be in some ways,” he said.


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