The tale of two school systems right next to each other, well…almost.  One’s a big success, the other a big failure.

Penn Hills and Wilkinsburg.

Penn Hills just opened its state of the art middle/high school, and should complete a beautiful elementary school, which will be opened in August in time for the next school season. Wilkinsburg doesn’t know who is going to be running its schools next year, the state or them. Either way, the condition of the Wilkinsburg school system is one of the worst in the state; in other words it is terrible and needs help badly.

What kind of help, nobody knows. They tried something different with Lee McFerrin but apparently the new school board members weren’t willing to stand by their man so they fired him. So now nobody will ever know if his way was the right way or not. They didn’t even give him a full year.

But whatever system they implement in Wilkinsburg, it can’t be the traditional way of doing things. The board must be willing to seek, and find another way to reach the kids, the parents and the teachers in this failing school system, because the traditional way of doing things was not, and is not working out.

It’s a shame that nobody is talking. Maybe some answers could be found to correct this problem and help these kids, if someone would talk about first of all what McFerrin was doing right or wrong. McFerrin needs to talk about what he felt he was doing right or wrong and what is needed to right this system. But all is quiet because McFerrin will lose his money if he talks, and the School Board members are afraid if they talk they will lose more  money they don’t have through a lawsuit.

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