(BlackNews.com) — Researchers, psychologists and others in the medical field have known for years that genes play an important role in how soon teens begin to engage in sexual activity. Genes determine when a teen reaches puberty, and this is a strong factor for what is known as At First Sex, or AFS. However, a recent study showed that, in low-income families experiencing stress, environmental factors will be an even stronger determinant as to when they begin having sex.

Socioeconomic Status is a Factor

The study was done at the University of Texas at Austin. A comparison of adolescents from low-income families and more affluent families showed a remarkable difference between the two. Adolescents from more socioeconomic-advantaged families were much more influenced by genes when it came to AFS, while teens from low-socioeconomic-status and ethnic-minority families were more influenced by their environment.

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