For those who don’t understand, this means you pay out of your pocket $6,000 plus the $99 a month before your insurance kicks in. That’s about $7200 a year. Now who has that kind of money lying around?  Correct me if I’m wrong, experts.

The second least expensive was around $125 a month. You say let’s go for it. Well, the deductable was nearly $3,000. Now we are talking $1500 plus $2700 equals $4200 before your insurance kicks in.

The most reasonable deductibles are $500 to $1000, but all so far I’ve found is $250 or more per month.

Well, first of all if you are unemployed, or a full time college students racking up the student loans, trying to get all the grants, scholarships and whatever money you can gather up from part time minimum wage jobs, where are you going to get $100 to $400 per month to pay for health insurance when you don’t know where the money is going to come from to buy books for the semester?

And the unemployed, and underemployed are already struggling with decisions such as will I have enough money to pay my rent, buy food, pay for water, heat, lights, and transportation to and from work? Now the government is telling these people that they have to find $100 to $400 a month for health insurance.

Oh, and I didn’t mention the cost of prescription drugs for those that don’t have insurance.

Even a $500 deductable can be a hardship, because where do poor people find the $500 plus pay the monthly fees? If you are paying a monthly fee why is there a deductible?

What there needs to be is a reasonable monthly fee based on income, with reasonable co-pays with no deductibles. Co-pay means if your doctor visit cost $50 you pay a percentage of it and your insurance pays the rest. If your prescription is $90 you pay a percentage, and the insurance pays the rest.

This is also hitting older people who haven’t hit 65 yet pretty hard. People who are from the ages of 50 to 64 who have lost jobs because of cutbacks, but most of all because having been on the job 20 or more years mean you get paid more, which means the employer can bring in a new hire at minimum or near minimum wage to replace you. There are thousands of people out there in this situation, who were in a bad way before, but now even worse because another mandatory government law is taking money out of their pockets that they don’t have, and they still aren’t getting the affordable health care they were promised.

I am totally against President Obama on this issue. He needs to take a closer look at Affordable Health Care and fix it.

But the Republicans who have fought this all the way, are not offering anything better. They aren’t offering anything at all. Just leave it the way it was. The way it was had millions of Americans not having insurance at all because THEY COULDN’T AFFORD IT. But Obama Care the way it is is not the answer. Killing this law is not the answer.

The answer is? Fix it.

Take a close look at it and fix it so that students, low, and middle income individuals and families can afford it. That was supposed to be the purpose in the first place.

I know it’s asking for a miracle. But the Republicans, instead of saying no, no, no, no, to affordable health care need to come up with a health care plan. And the Democrats instead of saying yes, yes, yes, yes, need to say no, this ain’t right. Let’s fix this.

Then the two parties with a mediator merge their plans for the benefit of the no income, low income and middle income citizens.

I know. I’m asking for another miracle. But this law cannot stand as it is. It must be fixed and it needs both parties to work together. Maybe some people need to be voted out of office on both sides to get the point across?

Let your Congressmen, state representatives, state senators, U.S. senators know what you think about Affordable Care, and maybe with our feedback the Democrats will finally see the flaws, and the Republicans will see that their help is needed to improve, not replace the law. This way the Affordable Health Care Act will finally become Affordable, which will probably lead to some of the cost being lowered in the health care field. Which is another fight/column.

(Ulish Carter is the managing editor of the New Pittsburgh Courier.)

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